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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

This is a very basic tip, but a lot of people don’t seem to know it...

○System Administration:       
                           ♠♠♠ The root drive (commonly C:) is not the safest of place to store your important files. What if suddenly something goes wrong with your Windows installation, like a virus attack or some corrupted system files. Anything that forces you to reformat your root drive – you can say goodbye all your important files stored files in C:.
When trying to save a new document in Word or Excel for the first time, it takes you to the default My Documents folder. You either save it in this folder or you change the path to your own folder in another drive. Incidentally, the My Documents folder is in the root drive itself. So I would strongly advice you not to store your files in the default My Documents unless you plan to have a back up copy in another drive.
A better way is to change the folder to which Word and Excel save by default. This is how:

In MS Word:
Open MS Word. Go to Tools>Options>File Locations. Select ‘Documents’ under ‘File types’ and click on Modify button at the bottom. Now choose any folder in another drive to which you want the files to be save by default. That’s it.

In MS Excel:
Open Excel. Go To Tools>Options>General. You will find a text box titled ‘Default File location‘ showing the path to the default My Documents folder. Just change the path to point to a folder of your choice.


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